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Aaeaaqaaaaaaaalkaaaajde0mjzhndlllwjkmzitngfkyi1hntayltzimtm1ywjhzguyoqSunyata Zen Conseil se tient à la disposition de tout responsable de services d'ordre qui serait intéressé par une découverte collective de la pratique de la méditation (zazen).

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CANADA - Ontario

"Just this afternoon (April 7, 2016) I had the privilege of giving a guest lecture to police officers of Peel Region about Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness meditation. These are wonderful officers who devoted their life to the police service in order to protect people and maintain law and order in the nation for the well-being of all citizens. They are doing a stressful job. I am delighted that I was able to share some insights by giving spiritual support to help them continue daily their service with a peaceful mind. Sending them Metta and all blessings of the Noble Triple Gem !"

Bhante Saranapala

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